PSILOCYBE-LARVAE : Manic-Depressive band from Saint-Petersburg (Russia)


We started recording our new album

added: 11.07.2019

Alan officially blesses the start of our new album recording

Upcoming gigs

added: 01.12.2018

PSILOCYBE LARVAE and DOMINIA with two exclusive shows 16.12.2018 MOD club, St.Petersburg (RU)

Doors: 19:00


New video for the "Hostile Emptiness" song

added: 29.10.2019

"Hostile Emptiness" has always been special for us and often appears in our setlist.
The theme of Chernobyl, shown in this video, suddenly turned out to be fit with the mood of the song, which gave it an even deeper and more tragic meaning. Looking at this footage never once leaves the state of alarm, despair, hopelessness and desolation. The place where life once was, the place which will now always be empty and hostile to people.

Visual by Ilya "Alan" Piyaev and Pavel Makushev

New interview

added: 24.08.2018

Check out the new No Clean Singing's interview with our vocalist/guitarist Vit Belobritsky.

Upcoming shows

added: 24.08.2018

07.09.2018 - 08.09.2018
Meltdown Open-Air Festival 2018
Nordring, 24850 Schuby (GERMANY)


  • Metal Witch
  • Endseeker
  • Night Laser
  • Torian
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Incarceration
  • Rayder
  • Obskura
  • Slow Kill System
  • Rampage
  • Verheerer
  • Vladimir Harkonnen
  • Insulter
  • Hailstone
  • Deadflesh
  • Extinct
  • Nordic Raid
  • Powerhead


Upcoming shows

added: 24.08.2018

03.08.2018 - 04.08.2018
Metalshow Open-Air Festival 2018
Jekabpils (LV)


  • Skyforger
  • Septicflesh
  • Betraying The Martyrs
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Frailty
  • Preternatural
  • Trendkill Method
  • Catalepsia
  • Horror Dance Squad
  • New Disorder
  • Sever
  • Egosystema
  • Morphium
  • Māra
  • Ocean Districts


New single “The Fall Of Icarus” out!

added: 13.08.2018

Hi there!
We are happy to inform you that our new single “The Fall Of Icarus” out on July 3d, 2018. It's available on all digital platforms.



  • Recorded by Den Devichensky & Den Lukyanov at Buzzylick and Voshod Studios
  • Mixed by Dmitry Vasiliev
  • Mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering
  • Cover artwork by Maria Nemm
  • Visual by Jēkabs Vilkārsis


added: 08.10.2017

Hello friends!
It’s time to share our concert plans for this autumn.
We will team up with our fellows from Belarus Woe Unto Me and Nebulae Come Sweet, as well as Latvians FRAILTY, for THE FALL OF AFFLICTION TOUR 2017, which will include countries like Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Russia and Belarus.

Tour dates

19.10 – Warsaw (POL)
20.10 – Gdansk (POL)
21.10 – Kaliningrad (RUS)
Detroit 39
22.10 – Vilnius (LTU)
28.10 – Turku (FIN)
29.10 – Vantaa (FIN)
Bar Rock Bear
30.10 – Helsinki (FIN)
Elmu Baari
31.10 – St.Petersburg (RUS)
02.11 – Moscow (RUS)
Model T
03.11 – Vitebsk (BLR)

We would really love to see you out there on the road! Please spread the word and stop by!

METALург open-air

added: 13.07.2017

Gonna rock the North in the beginning of this fall! We are confirmed for the Metalurg Open Air 2017. It is set to take place September,2 in Olenegorsk, Murmansk region. See you there!

  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Master(rus)
  • Ashen Light
  • Изморозь
  • Deva Obida
  • Нереида
  • Town Tundra

Doors: 2 pm
Price: 500 rub.
Fb event

Upcoming gig

added: 28.04.2017

30.04.2017 Gorky Pub, St.Petersburg (Russia)

Start: 20:30

Tickets : 400/500 rub.

Addres: Malaya Posadskaya str., 3a

VK event:

Upcoming gig

added: 16.12.2016

17.12.2016 Opera Concert Club, St.Petersburg (Russia)

Running order:

  • 18:20 Stormland
  • 19:00 Lowriderz
  • 19:40 Sopor
  • 20:30 Psilocybe Larvae
  • 21:20 Кома
  • 22:10 Stalwart
  • 23:00 the Sacrament

Doors: 18:00 / Start: 18:30

Tickets: 100/300 rub.


added: 20.10.2016

We are happy to announce that this month we are heading to the Volga river shores with our 20th Anniversary Mini-Tour 2016.

Check out tour dates:

  • 29.10.16 Crazy Train Club, Nizhny Novgorod (Russia)
  • 28.10.16 SK Bar Club, Cheboksary (Russia)
  • 27.10.16 Amnesia Club, Kazan (Russia)

See ya at the gigs!

We did it!!!

added: 03.10.2016

So, our 20th anniversary show in St.Petersburg is over!
Thank you all for the warm welcome, it was unforgettable!
Special thanks to the bands who have supported us this evening UNDEON, MCM, as well as musicians who played with us on stage: Andrei and Denis (ex-Psilocybe Larvae), Evg and Kot'h (Vergeltung), Sergey (MSM), Pasha (Undeon , Stalwart), Denis (ex-Azeroth, Dominia).

XX years anniversary on stage!

added: 23.09.2016

Hello folks!

This year the band celebrates its 20 years anniversary on stage!

We are not going to look back and sigh hard. Just let's regard this date as a good occasion to remember how it all began, the musicians who played in a band, our friends and fans who supported us throughout these years, and of course to sum up the results.

We are planning to do a special big show at Opera Concert Hall in St.Petersburg on October, 2 and would like to invite all of you to celebrate this event with us.

Some of our old band members will perform as special guests

The gig will be supported by our friends:


For information please call: +7 921 99 66 739

By the way, you can check out band’s rare photos and videos at our fb page.

Psilocybe Larvae at Dobry Festival (SVK)

added: 11.06.2016

Gonna rock Slovakia next week! See ya!
It's gonna be hot!

Live report

added: 27.05.2016

Upcoming gigs

added: 01.05.2016

Our first show in Kaunas (Lithuania) will be held on May,13 at Lemmy Club.


Psilocybe Larvae among bands announced for Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival

added: 25.03.2016

We are happy to announce that Psilocybe Larvae are confirmed for the Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival set to take place May 13-16th in Leipzig (D)!
Among the announced bands are My Dying Bride, Crematory, Lacrimosa, Die Krupps, Enslaved, Korpiklaani, Diary Of Dreams, Das Ich, Trollfest and many more.


added: 7.07.2016

Check out our recent interview for the German online zine

Upcoming gigs

added: 19.02.2016

Welcome to Veliky Novgorod!

Unholy Darkness Fest, Club "Iron Daddy", Veliky Novgorod (RUS).

Band list: Psilocybe Larvae
Noromi Lucalen

Doors: 20.00

VK event


added: 9.02.2016

Another great review of our full discography from Germany!
Thanks to Dirk Zimmermann and

Aurora Concert Hall, Saint-Petersburg (Rus)

added: 17.02.2014

Our 1st gig of this year will take place on January, 30 at Aurora Concert Hall, St.Petersburg (RUS).

FB event

See ya there!


added: 4.12.2015

A great review of our whole discography made by Thomas Müller from!

Vilnius, Metro Club, 16.05.2015

added: 8.05.2015

We are very excited to play our first ever show in Vilnius!
The gig will be held on 16th of May at Metro Club!
Event on Facebook

Baltic weekend

added: 28.02.2015

As you might have noticed the band has been going through major line-up changes.

The process is not yet complete but nevertheless we are happy to announce that we have returned to our concert activity.

In March the band heads off to The Baltics for two shows along with Re-Armed (FI) and Amrita (SE):

13.03 – Tallinn (EE)
"Tapper" Club
14.03 – Riga (LV)
"Melna Piektdiena" Club

See ya at the gigs!


added: 18.09.2014

"Uprising 2" compilation by Elitbolaget

added: 28.08.2014

Hi there!

We participate in the Elitbolaget compilation "Uprising 2" with the song "Shining Shambhala".
The CD presents 19 bands from Europe, from alternative rock to grindcore. It will be available in stores, bars, clubs over Europe in September 2014.
You can also get the free copy at our gigs!

Stay tuned!

Here is the link to exclusive pre-listening of the compilation:

Big solo gig Psilocybe Larvae

added: 15.05.2014

Hi there!
We would like to invite you to our special show to be held on May, 30 at Phoenix Concert Hall in St.Petersburg (RUS).

Doors: 8 pm
Start: 9 pm
Tickets: 300 rub.
Venue: St.Petersburg,
M "Petrogradskaya",
Aptekarsky prospekt , 2.
Phoenix Concert Hall

Official event on VK and FB


added: 15.05.2014

Video footage of our performing the song "No escape" on May, 10 at PRKL Club, Helsinki (FIN).
Thanks to Viljami Sjöblom, Virpi Salojärvi and other guys from Kuritushuone for making this gig possible!


added: 15.05.2014

    Hi there!
    Check out our new interview for Special Radio

  • flag 2014 (in Russian)

Upcoming gigs:

added: 17.02.2014

The First Gig of the Year:

added: 03.01.2014

Hi there!

We start up our year by playing the show on January, 5 at "ArcticA Club", St.Petersburg (RUS).

Unfortunately this is the last gig here, club stops its activity. If someone is going to visit our lands you are welcome!

    Running order:
  • 18:10 NOX DOLORIS
  • 20:40 LOWRIDERZ
  • 21:30 КОМА
  • 22:30 Special guest

Doors: 17:00 / Start: 17:30


added: 31.12.2013

Good day to all!

added: 13.12.2013

Check out a new live video for the song "Fortress Of Time" from our performance at the club "A Nice Place", Riga (LV), 07.12.2013.

We would like to thank the Riga audience for the warm welcome, as well as Jan Jansons and our friends from FRAILTY for the invitation and hospitality!

A band goes on holidays till next year!

To contact Psilocybe Larvae regarding booking, please email to or send the private message to

TOUR BY FIRE is over:

added: 26.11.2013

More than 5000 km done and finally we are back home.
We'd like to thank all of you who came to our shows, all bands that we shared the stage with (especially guys from DYSANGELIUM) and all our media partners for the support!

Next gig in Riga!
We're playing with FRAILTY on December,7 at A Nice Place Club.

See you soon!


added: 27.10.2013

Shit happens!
The club's promoter from Prague informed us that our gig for November, 20 at Exit-US is cancelled. We are sorry for all people who were about to attend the show in Prague, but it's out of our control.
But there is good news! Our friends from Disangelium helped us out and we've got the gig in Trutnov at Kabinet club for this date! Check out our updated poster!
See you at the gigs! Show must go on!

Tour dates:

15.11 – Ostrowiec (PL)
"Polny Konik" Club
16.11 – Katowice (PL)
"Korba" Pub
17.11 – Kraków (PL)
"Kot Karola" Club
19.11 – Teplice (CZ)
"3ožák" Club
20.11 – Trutnov (CZ)
"Kabinet" Club
21.11 – Kutná Hora (CZ)
"Česká 1" Club
22.11 – Warszawa (PL)
"Metal Cave" Club
23.11 – Białystok (PL)
"ACK Sepularium" Club
24.11 – Minsk (BY)
"Rocker" Bar

Check out Psilocybe Larvae in the new issue of Metallian Magazine! \m/

added: 30.10.2013

Salut à tous ! Le nouveau numéro sera en kiosque le 31.10, c'est LEMMY qui le dit !!!!! Au Sommaire ... DEICIDE / MOTÖRHEAD Le choc des titans ! IHSAHN, SEPULTURA, PESTILENCE, NIGHTWISH, KATAKLYSM, RUNNING WILD, EPICA, INQUISITION, ENDSTILLE, METAL CHURCH, TRIVIUM, GWAR, GEHENNA, MONSTER MAGNET, LEAVES' EYES, WARBRINGER, MERCYLESS, SAHG, TEMPLE OF BAAL, SARKE, ARTILLERY, THE OCEAN, CADAVERIA, MOONREICH, GLORIOR BELLI, NECROPHOBIC, STILLE VOLK, ALMAH, HAIL OF BULLETS, DEMONICAL, BLISS OF FLESH, THRONE OF KATARSIS, YEAR OF NO LIGHT, AEVANGELIST, MONOLITHE, OBLITERATION, SOLEKAHN, JC JESS, OPERADYSE, EXLIBRIS, NOCTUM, SATAN'S WRATH, TIDES FROM NEBULA, PSILOCYBE LARVAE, AVATARIUM, BEATEN TO DEATH, HARMONY DISODER, UNBEING... Listening Session : LEGION OF THE DAMNED Un reportage exclusif et exceptionnel au Népal : la scène metal ai pied de l'Everest ! Les chroniques sulfureuses de NIKLAS KVARFORTH : Partie 5 : Misanthropes... je vous déteste ! Dossier Spécial : Acteurs de l'ombre : HURRICANE ENTERTAINMENT. + Les rubriques habituelles : Agenda Concerts & Fests . + de 100 albums chroniqués . Vinyles Collectors Démos . Mail Bangers . Playlists De La Rédaction ... Versions Digitales + APPS pour iPhones, IPads, Androids bientôt disponibles en Français et Anglais via

Upcoming gigs:

added: 27.10.2013

Hi there!

It's time to reveal our concert plans.

The first show with the new line-up will be held on November, 3 at Iskra club, Arkhangelsk (RUS).
Here the link to the event:

We would also like to announce our upcoming European tour called TOUR BY FIRE 2013 , which includes shows in Poland, Czech Republic and Belarus.

Tour dates:

15.11 – Ostrowiec (PL)
"Polny Konik" Club
16.11 – Katowice (PL)
"Korba" Pub
17.11 – Kraków (PL)
"Kot Karola" Club
19.11 – Teplice (CZ)
"3ožák" Club
20.11 – Prague (CZ)
"Exit-us Chmelnice" Club
21.11 – Kutná Hora (CZ)
"Česká 1" Club
22.11 – Warszawa (PL)
"Metal Cave" Club
23.11 – Białystok (PL)
"ACK Sepularium" Club
24.11 – Minsk (BY)
"Rocker" Bar

Keep checking out for more updates here:

See you at the gigs!

Line-up changes:

added: 13.09.2013

Hello folks!

It's time to share some important news with you all.

This summer, the band has parted ways with guitarist Andrey "Luke" Lukashkov and drummer Ilya "Alan" Piyaev.

We do really appreciate their contribution in the band success. We had a good time together, recorded some good albums, played a lot of great gigs. But time brings about changes and everybody goes his own way.

We wish Andrey and Alan good luck and success in all of their future endeavors.

And now we are happy to introduce you our brothers in arms and old friends from the industrial metal band Vergeltung: Konstantin Kot'h (guitar) and Evgeny "Evg" Trefilov (drums) as the new members of Psilocybe Larvae. They are great guys and skilled musicians who can help us reach the goals we set for ourselves.

We are in a great shape and currently working on our tour dates. More info coming soon.
Stay tuned!

Review from LEGACY Magazine(Germany):

added: 12.09.2013

It turns out that we play thrash metal! )))))

legacy zine

"The Labyrinth of Penumbra" review:

added: 12.09.2013

New review from Russian magazine "Rockcore":

added: 09.09.2013

Great news!

added: 06.09.2013

Our latest album "The Labyrinth Of Penumbra" is #1 in the Sound Check Poll of the Hungarian metal site Fémforgács!

"Non-Existence" review:

added: 06.09.2013

Atmosfear zine - 2013

added: 06.09.2013

Hard Rock Laager Fest - 2013

added: 01.07.2013

So, we're back home from the awesome festival Hard Rock Laager! It was cool to dip into the fantastic atmosphere, meet our old friends and bring our show to Estonia! Thank you Hard Rock Laager for the warm welcome! Special thanks to Kaido Haavandi and all staff! Love you all!


added: 01.07.2013

Trial By Fire (Official Video)

added: 07.06.2013

Hey folks!
Here is the moment we've all been waiting for so long!
Check out our new video for "Trial By Fire" from the album "The Labyrinth Of Penumbra".
This crazy cartoon was directed by Daria Korneeva.

Earbits Radio

added: 29.05.2013

Listen to us on Earbits Free Online Radio.

Hard Rock Laager open-air fest 2013

added: 23.05.2013

Hell yeah!
PL is confirmed for Hard Rock Laager open-air festival (Vana-Vigala, Estonia)!
We'll play on June, 29 at 3pm! Come down and rock out with us!

  • 4ARM

FB event:
Festival site:

Metal Confederation Fest:

added: 11.05.2013

18.05. 2013, Irris club, Vologda (RUS)

    Band list:
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Dark Secret Love
  • Грозовест
  • Madrax
  • Аделаида
  • Harta
  • Багрейн

Doors: 16.00 / Start: 17.00

Stalingrad Extreme Fest 2013
video invitation

added: 11.04.2013

Check out "Condemnation" from our Saturday gig at Arctica club (St.Petersburg, RUS)!

added: 10.04.2013


added: 10.04.2013


added: 10.04.2013

Upcoming gigs

added: 18.03.2013

29.03.13 - "ArcticA" club, St.Petersburg (Russia)

20.04.13 - "In Rock" club, Volgograd (Russia) / Stalingrad Extreme Fest


added: 18.03.2013


added: 18.03.2013

Thank you Belarus!

added: 01.03.2013

We got back home from our tour of Belarus!
It was great to see our fans come down to the shows and rock out with us, thank you all for your support!
Special thanks to Artyom Serdyuk for making this tour possible and other guys from Deathbringer for a good company!


added: 01.03.2013


added: 01.03.2013

Metal Storm Awards 2012!

added: 03.02.2013

Our album "The Labyrinth Of Penumbra" is nominated for 2012 "The Best Melodeath/Extreme Power/ Gothenburg Metal Album" at the Metalstorm Awards! Please vote for us if you think we deserve it (for registered members only)!

Metal Storm Awards 2012 - it's your vote!


added: 01.02.2013

Bunch of hot Italian reviews

added: 22.01.2013

Video invitation for all our Belarusian fans!

added: 22.01.2013

Check out our new interview and a couple of reviews

added: 15.01.2012


added: 13.01.2013

Hi there!
We are gearing up with our friends from Deathbringer for our Belarusian shows to promote “The Labyrinth Of Penumbra”!
The tour named Penumbra Divisus Tour 2013 will follow in February and includes 6 dates:


19.02 – Vitebsk
“Zebra” club
20.02 – Mogilev
“Liga” club
21.02 – Gomel
DK "Festivalnyj"
22.02 – Minsk
“Rocker Bar”
23.02 – Brest
“Sfera” club
24.02 – Grodno
“Parlament” club

Keep checking out for more updates here: facebook

Don’t miss! See ya at the gigs!


added: 12.01.2013

Upcoming gig:

added: 12.01.2013

20.01. Vinyl Story club, St.Petersburg (RUS)

    Band list:
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • That Zeppelin
  • Corn Flakes
  • Делирий

Doors open: 7.00 pm

Free entrance

Vote for us!

added: 08.01.2013

For all the users: "The Labyrinth Of Penumbra" is nominated as the best album of 2012 in the post-Soviet area.

Please vote for us here:

Your support will be highly appreciated!

Hello folks!

added: 05.01.2013

We are happy to inform you that Psilocybe Larvae joined Albagi Music Promotion!

It's a great honour for our band to be in their roster and we believe it's a huge step in getting there!

Merry Metal Xmas and Happy New
Headbanging Year!


Hope you didn't forget about your holiday gift and purchased a copy of "The Labyrinth Of Penumbra"!
"The Labyrinth Of Penumbra" – perhaps the best dish for your holiday table! :-)


added: 24.12.2012


added: 12.12.2012


added: 12.12.2012

Back from the north!

added: 02.12.2012

Thank you all guys for the warm welcome! Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk rule!

Another one review:

added: 27.11.2012

New reviews:

added: 26.11.2012

Upcoming gigs

added: 22.11.2012

01.12.12 Black Horde Metal Fest#II - In The Shadow of the Horns
DK Stroiteley, Severodvinsk (Russia)

02.12.12 Black Wings Of Death Fest#I - Blood & Blasphemy
club "A", Arkhangelsk (Russia)

We are thankful to everybody who attended our album-release shows!

added: 22.11.2012

Huge respect to Roman “Boss” who made the Moscow show and Dmitry Martynenko (Infinity Concert) for the St.Petersburg gig!

Thanks to all bands which shared the stage with us! Special thanks to crazy motherfuckers from Antagonist Zero!
It was a killer weekend!
Rock on!

New album on iTunes!!!

added: 01.11.2012

"The Labyrinth Of Penumbra" is available on iTunes!
Let it roll!

New album out on November, 5th!

added: 29.10.2011

Hurray! New album out on November, 5th!
This is an official post from our label:

Psilocybe Larvae – new album is coming!!

Having got a worldwide recognition with the 3d album “Non-Existence” Russian manic-depressive band Psilocybe Larvae is now extremely proud to present its new masterpiece. The 4th album entitled “The Labyrinth Of Penumbra” will be released on Buil2Kill Records/Nadir Music on November, 5th worldwide.

The album was recorded and mixed by Yury Smirnov at Studio Kontakt (St. Petersburg, University of Humanities) in 2011; mastering duties were handled by Mats Lindfors at Cutting Room (Dimmu Borgir, Rammstein).

    Here's the official tracklist:
  • 1. Soul Trekking
  • 2. Haunting
  • 3. Shining Shambhala
  • 4. Trial By Fire
  • 5. Into The Labyrinth
  • 6. Contemplation
  • 7. Fortress Of Time
  • 8. River Of Remembrance
  • 9. No Escape

The album is also available on iTunes and more than 400 other digital stores from November, 1th.

Upcoming gigs

added: 21.10.2012

We have two special album-release shows coming up this November:

17.11. club Rock-House, Moscow (RUS)
18.11. club ArcticA, St.Petersburg (RUS)

Don't miss the chance to be the first ones who can get the new album in Russia!

New live video

added: 16.10.2012

Watch our new video for the track Shining Shambhala from the new album "The Labyrinth Of Penumbra".
Filmed by Hannu Mikkola at "Melnā Piektdiena" club in Riga, 5.10.2012.

Live report (in Finnish)

added: 09.10.2012

Psilocybe Larvae (Rus), Stalwart (Rus), Emphasis (Est) @ club Tapper, Tallinn 06.05.2012 - Live report (in Finnish)

Back from Latvia!

added: 08.10.2012

We had a very cool trip with two gigs in Riga and Liepaja. It was great to see a lot of people come down to the shows and the response from the Latvian audience exceeded all our expectations! There are no words to describe how Riga was amazing! It was one of our best shows ever!

Huge thanks to Ian Jansons, Eva Vizla, Edmunds Vizla, Evita Hofmane for the warm welcome! Hail to all guys from Antagonist Zero, Frailty, Relicseed and Ceremonial Perfection! Was nice to meet and hang out with you all!

Photos coming soon.


added: 02.10.2012

Fresh interview (In Russian)!

Got back home from Finland!

added: 01.10.2012

We are thankful to everybody who attended the shows.
It was great to gain new fans and hang out with our friends from Antagonist Zero, Jutta Jääskö and Tanja Kärki.
Thank you for the hospitality and taking care of us.

Riga and Liepaja are next! See ya!


added: 27.09.2012

Check out our fresh interview (in Latvian)!
Google helps :)

Get your ass ready. We are coming!

added: 27.09.2012

New record label agreement and tour details

added: 01.09.2012

Hi there !

The wait is almost over !

We are happy to announce that we signed a deal with Italian label Buil2Kill/Nadir Music. Our new album "The Labyrinth Of Penumbra" is expected out this fall. We hope we’ve done the right choice and PL would be comfortable in a relationship with this great label.

The band is also gearing up for an attack on Baltic lands at the end of September and October with special album-release shows. The trek called "Baltic Penumbra Evenings" includes following stops :

28.09 – Helsinki (Finland) "PRKL" club.
29.09 – Porvoo (Finland) "Soho" bar.
30.09 – Kotka (Finland) "Back Room" bar.
05.10 – Riga (Latvia) "Melnā Piektdiena" club.
06.10 – Liepaja (Latvia) "Fontaine Palace" club.

See you at the gigs !


added: 02.05.2012

Due to the incompetence of the local promoter in Tallinn we and our friends from Emphasis make this event ourselves.

It will be a FREE show at the Tapper Rock club on May, 6th.

So welcome and support us! We'll be glad to see you there!

PsiloBaltic Tour:

added: 03.04.2012

Hail to all fans of metalocalyptic metal and manic-depressive convulsions!
We are happy to announce our PsiloBaltic Tour coming up this spring.

We'll start up the first leg of the trek by going to Estonia for 2 shows on April. The second part follows in May and will include 4 gigs in Latvia and Estonia.

20.04 – Narva (Estonia)
"Ro-Ro" club
21.04 – Rakvere (Estonia)
"Kära kants" club
03.05 – Riga (Latvia)
"Depo" club
04.05 – Parnu (Estonia)
"Vabaajakeskus" club
05.05 – Tartu (Estonia)
"RockNRoll" club
06.05 – Tallinn (Estonia)
"Rockstars" club
"Tapper" club

We're anxious to get on the road and bring our manic-depressive metal to Baltic States. Hope to see you at the gigs!

Upcoming gig:

added: 01.03.2012

24.03.2012, St.Petersburg, "Arctica" club.

    Band list:
  • Undeon

Doors open at 17:30.

Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
Beringa str., 38.
Subway "Primorskaya".


"Mu-Sick" Compilation Vol II.

added: 18.02.2012

Hello folks! webzine has recently put together an Extreme Metal compilation which contains songs from genres like Black, Death, Doom, Thrash, Grindcore, Deathcore, Metalcore and our track “Sleepwalkers” from our previous album “Non-existence” as well.
Check out and download for free:

New Album "The Labyrinth Of Penumbra"

added: 19.12.2011

Hi there!
This year is coming to an end and it’s time to sum it up.
It was difficult year but at the same time very eventful one for the band. It’s both a making of the new record and working with a session drummer.
Now in the run-up to Xmas and New Year we’re happy to announce that the band is in former line-up and the new album called “THE LABYRINTH OF PENUMBRA” is done.
The recording and mixing process took place at studio Kontakt under the guidance of Yury Smirnov, mastering duties were handled by Mats Lindfors at Cutting Room and cover art was taken care of A-Ra.

    Album track listing:

  • 1. Soul Trekking
  • 2. Haunting
  • 3. Shining Shambhala
  • 4. Trial By Fire
  • 5. Into The Labyrinth
  • 6. Contemplation
  • 7. Fortress Of Time
  • 8. River Of Remembrance
  • 9. No Escape

Check out the new song Soul Trekking at this direction:

Wolfhound Compilation Radio

added: 05.12.2011


Hi there!
The Wolfhound Compilation Radio containing 80 underground acts from all over the world (as well as our band) is available for download!
Check it out on


added: 24.11.2011

Two Russian gigs with Blindead were amazing! Thanks to everyone who came out to shows and gave the positive support for our band!

Tour cancellation:

added: 03.11.2011

With great sadness we must announce the cancellation of our November tour.

Due to some personal problems of one of the members of Blindead the management forced to change the tour dates. We apologize for any inconvenience this May cause to any of our fans. The tour will be postponed for the beginning of 2012.

But there is good news! We’ll do two our Russian shows in St.Petersburg and Moscow.

Thanks to Artyom Serdyuk from Creative Music and Andrey Kitaev from Booking Machine for making this possible!

Rock on!

Affliction Tour 2011:

added: 22.10.2011

It’s time to show some information about our concert plans!

The band is gearing up for a tour coming up this November together with great Polish band BLINDEAD.

Confirmed dates are as follows:

17.11 – Riga (Latvia)
“Melna Piektdiena” club
18.11 – Tallinn (Estonia)
“Tapper” club
19.11 – St.Petersburg (Russia)
“ArcticA” club
20.11 – Moscow (Russia)
“Plan B” club
22.11 – Minsk (Belarus)
23.11 – Grodno (Belarus)
“Parlament” club

Hope to see you at the gigs!
Stay tuned for further details.

Dark Harvest Records Compilation:

added: 22.10.2011

Our American label Dark Harvest Records released the free compilation album (where you can find our track as well).
Feel free to download it, here.

CASTLE ROCK store birthday party:

added: 04.09.2011

October 8th, St.Petersburg, "Arctica" club

    Band list:
  • Dominia
  • Stalwart
  • Fear Of Insomnia

Doors Open at 5:00 PM

Beringa str., 38.
Subway "Primorskaya"


Rock The Nation Award 2011:

added: 08.09.2011

Hello folks!

Thank you for supporting us with Wolfhound Metal Radio compilation! Our song will be featured on this digital release!

Now we are looking to win Rock The Nation Award 2011! We hope for your support and we need your voices again! Please click the link, find and press the button “VOTING FORM”, then choose PSILOCYBE LARVAE (RUSSIA) and vote.

Note: After voting you receive a confirmation code by email and have to press the activation link, otherwise the vote does NOTcount! The deadline for Rock The Nation Award 2011 online voting is on 2011/09/31 11:59 pm!

Thank you and stay metal!

Recent news:

added: 09.08.2011

Hi there!

We've got something to report you.

For some reasons our drummer Alan have to quit the band for a while. Nothing very serious but he has to take a break now.

Our longtime fellow Alexander Yakovlev from Misanthrope Count Merciful will fill in on drums until Alan is in shape to take up his duties.

Give Alex a warm welcome at our show on September, 3 in Arctica club.

As for the album…we are putting the finishing touches on the mix. As soon as we get the album finalized we will be putting a couple of samples up for everyone to check out.
We’ll keep you posted all details.
Horns up!

Upcoming gig:

added: 13.07.2011

03.09.2011, St.Petersburg, "Arctica" club.

    Band list:
  • LYFTHRASYR (Germany)
  • Fear Of Insomnia
  • Solerrain
  • Sodalitas (ex Moloh)
  • Гуахо
  • Ann-Tennath
  • Veliar

Time: from 15:00 to 23:00.

Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
Beringa str., 38.
Subway "Primorskaya".


Wolfhound Metal Radio compilation:

added: 08.06.2011

Hey folks!

We need your voices to participate in Wolfhound Metal Radio compilation.

The procedure is very simple: you must first log into by clicking on "I LIKE". Then you should enter into the photo album (Group C) and find PSILOCYBE LARVAE photo and you have to click in "I LIKE", so the band has already been voted.

Thank you for always being there with your support!
It’s very important to us!

Upcoming gig:

added: 19.05.2011

25.06.2011, St.Petersburg, "Arctica" club.

    Band list:
  • Solerrain
  • Moloh
  • BarBie LinGerie
  • Аватар
  • Ann-Tennath

Time: from 15:00 to 23:00.

Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
Beringa str., 38.
Subway "Primorskaya".


"Non-existence" in Ukraine.

added: 16.03.2011

Our latest album "Non-existence" is available in the territory of Ukraine through the internet shop

You can order it by clicking the link:

Upcoming gig:

added: 13.03.2011

07.04.2011, St.Petersburg, club "Orlandina".

    Band list:
  • VESANIA (Poland)
  • СHRIST AGONY (Poland)

Beginning: 18:00

subway "Petrogradskaya",
Instrumentalnaia str. 3

Presale - 500 rub./600 rub.
Entrance - 700 rub.

All info on

Psilocybe Larvae in new issue of Atmospheric magazine.

added: 12.03.2011

Check out our exclusive interview in new issue of Polish Atmospheric magazine.


You can order the magazine through

Don't forget to take a look at our fresh album reviews in "press" section.

Rock on !!!

Psilocybe Larvae is hitting the studio again!

added: 22.02.2011

Hell-o folk! Vit here!

It's been awhile since the last update and now it's time to tell you some things.
Since Alan recorded his drums last fall we've been laying down guitar, bass and keyboard parts all this time. Last week we got back to the studio Contact here in St.Petersburg for the reamping and recording the guitars. I'm very delighted with how it sounds, very powerfully and tight. We used Gibson guitar with Peavey XXX Triple amp and ESP guitar with Engle Fireball amp, this hellish mix just blown up my brain.
The bass and acoustic parts should follow this week and keyboards will be added right after, then we start doing vocals.
That's all for now, stay tuned for further details and check out our pics from the studio.
Rock on!

Happy New Metal Year:

added: 23.12.2010

We would like to wish all our friends and fans a Merry Christmas and a Metal New Year!
Thank you for your support throughout 2010! It's very important for us!
Have a great holiday! Let bells ring, let metal crash!

Upcoming gig in "Tapper" club:

added: 21.10.2010

We've got a gig in Tallinn coming up on November, 5. It will be our first trip to Estonia and we're looking forward to bringing our show to Estonian audience!

All info on

Upcoming shows:

added: 21.09.2010

We're honored to have been asked to play with great Italian metallers Sadist as special guests during their "Beware Of Your Neck tour".
The show slated to take place on October 17, 2010 in St.Petersburg, Orlandina club.

    Band list:
  • SADIST (Italy)
  • CRIONICS (Poland)
  • VIRGIN SNATCH (Poland)
  • STALWART (Russia)

Beginning: 18:00

subway "Petrogradskaya",
Instrumentalnaia str. 3

Presale - 600 rub./700 rub.(VIP)
Entrance - 700 rub./800 rub.(VIP)

All info on

New album:

added: 21.09.2010

Got a good bit of good news to announce!

We were long working on a new material as usual, heh! ))))
And now we're happy to inform that the core of songs and arrangements are done and the recording process begins. It's very difficult to say when the new album will be out. At least, we have no intention of letting it appear until the result will not satisfy us personally but we can promise you all that it will be well worth it in the end. We know for sure that if you liked what we've done before you won't be disappointed in any way this time either.


added: 21.07.2010

Check out our fresh interview for

Upcoming Shows:

added: 25.06.2010

We headline "Night Voyage" Open Air, set to take place July 3, 2010 in Vyborg.

New Photos:

added: 28.04.2010

Hi there!
We've uploaded several live photos from our performance on April, 24th in St.Petersburg's Orlandina club.

New Videos:

added: 15.04.2010

Greetings to all our fans!
Do not hesitate to drop in and check out our brand new live videos of "Great Silence" and "Hostile Emptiness" songs shot on April 4th, at Moscow's "Wings Of Doom" fest.
Also some pictures from our appearance have uploaded in the "photo" section.

STALWART'album presentation:

added: 24.03.2010

24.04.2010, St.Petersburg, club "Orlandina".

    Band list:
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Stalwart
  • Misanthrope Count Mercyful
  • First Aid
  • Dorgmooth
  • Necrosarcoma
  • Kronwerk
  • Undeon
  • Spaceking
  • Zlomrak

Beginning: 17:00

St.Petersburg, subway "Petrogradskaya", emb.Karpovka 5/2

Presale - 300 rub.
Entrance - 350 rub.

Wings of Doom pt.6 fest:

added: 08.02.2010

04.04.2010, Moscow, club "Relax".

    Band list:
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Voiceless Void
  • Illuminate the Silence
  • Откровения Дождя
  • Forest Stream

Beginning: 17:00

Melnikova str. 7, subway "Proletarskaia"

Presale - 300 rub.
Entrance - 350 rub.
VIP - 500 rub.

Black Winter Day 2010 fest:

added: 26.01.2010

05.02.2010, St.Petersburg, club "Arctica".

    Band list:
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Rossomahaar
  • ITEM
  • Morrah
  • Kronwerk

Beginning: 17:00

Beringa str., 38
Subway "Primorskaya"

Presale - 300 rub.
Entrance - 350 rub.

Wings of Doom fest(canceled).

added: 26.12.2009

Regretfully the forthcoming gig in Moscow is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. The club booked for the show was closed by Moscow authorities the day before. We apologize to our fans expecting to see our performance. Hopefully we'll get back to you soon!

Dark Harvest Records:

added: 08.12.2009

We're glad to inform that our latest album "Non-existence" is out worldwide on December, 14 via Dark Harvest Records. You can order it through the label site, Relapse and The End distro as well.

Wings of Doom pt.6 fest:

added: 15.11.2009

26.12.2009, Moscow, club "Relax".

    Band list:
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Illuminate the Silence
  • Voiceless Void
  • Amederia
  • Dying Rose
  • Откровения Дождя

Beginning: 17:00

Melnikova str. 7, subway "Proletarskaia"

Presale - 300 rub.
Entrance - 350 rub.

"Ragnarok" festival:

added: 15.11.2009

12.12.2009, Novgorod, GDK.

    Band list:
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Сумрак
  • Noromi Lucalen
  • Tophet
  • Rigor-Mortis
  • Nu-Nation

"Northern Power" festival:

added: 15.11.2009

21.11.2009, Murmansk, club "Mayak".

    Band list:
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Stiks (Molichniy)
  • Negative reaction (Murmansk)
  • Misanthropy (Apatity)

Monster Hate Show #3:

added: 14.10.2009

We'll perform at the third melal fest "MONSTER HATE SHOW" in Orlandina club, October, 23.

    Band list is as follows:
  • 18:10 NU-NATION
  • 19:00 KRONWERK
  • 20:00 M.C.M.
  • 22:00 ARYAVARTA
  • 23:00 MORRAH
  • 00:00 BUICIDE
  • 02:00 NORDLICHT
  • 03:00 CENOTAPH
  • 04:00 NARTHEX

Time: from 18:00 till down

Price: 300/400 rub., VIP 600/800rub.

St.Petersburg, subway "Petrogradskaya", emb.Karpovka 5/2

New merchandise:

added: 17.08.2009

man's t-shirt (front) man's t-shirt (back) girl's t-shirt (front) girl's t-shirt (back) cap (front) cap (back)

Hi there!
New band’s merchandise is available now.All interested persons can order our stuff through the e-mail:

Price (without shipping costs):
T-shirt – 12$
Cap – 10$

T-shirt sizes:
M, L, XL, XXL (male)
S, M (female)


added: 15.05.2009

We announce with deep regret the death of our ex-bassist, one of the former of Psilocybe Larvae, Oleg Peshkichev.

We won't publish all details, May he rest in peace.

...Of blessed memory.

Tour Problems:

added: 06.05.2009

We regretfully must cancel our Polish leg of tour due to many booking problems. We'll do only 2 shows: in Grodno, club "Parlament" on May, 7th and in Warszawa, club "Radio Luxemburg" on May, 8th.
We apologize to all fans expecting to see us on that tour and put all efforts to visit Poland this fall to play as many gigs as it possible.

Dark Harvest Records:

added: 30.04.2009

We are happy to inform you all that we have inked a deal with American label Dark Harvest Records for the "Non-existence" worldwide release!

We remind that the album is available in territory of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine through the Moscow label Mazzar Records.

Wild East Metal Assault Tour:

added: 29.04.2009

Hello and thank you all who doesn't forget checking our page.
So, there is something to report from the PL camp.

We will join forces with our friends DEATHBRINGER for the WILD EAST METAL ASSAULT tour this May. After the 1st show in St.Petersburg we'll embark in Grodno and then we'll start our Polish dates together with REALITY IN PAIN.

It will be our first trip to Poland. We are anxious to get on the road and looking forward to bringing manic-depressive tunes of PSILOCYBE LARVAE to Poland.

Merch and CDs are waiting for you also.

Horns up!
See you on tour

    Tour dates:
  • 01.05. St.Petersburg,
    club "Orlandina" (Russia)
  • 07.05. Grodno,
    club "Parlament" (Belarus)
  • 08.05. Warszawa,
    club "radio luxembourg" (Poland)
  • 13.05. Olsztyn,
    club "Molotov cafe" (Poland)
  • 14.05. Lodz,
    club "Luka" (Poland)
  • 15.05. Poznan,
    club "Fort Colomb" (Poland)
  • 16.05. Torun,
    club "Trabant" (Poland)

Keep checking out for more updates.


added: 07.04.2009

01.04.2009, St.Petersburg, "Orlandina" club.

    Line up:
  • DEATHBRINGER (Belarus / Poland)
  • INSIDE YOU (Moscow)
  • MELISSA (Obninsk)
  • D-OZZ (SPb)
  • REFAWN (SPb)
  • L.E.P.R.A. (SPb)


added: 12.03.2009

We bring to your attention some our interviews.

New interview for Ukrainian metal portal

As all interested persons can read our big interview in latest issue #8 of famous Russian UG magazine Fatal Forum.
You can order it through

Stoker-Fest #1

added: 10.03.2009

Hi there!
It's time to make some updates and drop a line.

At first, we are signing a deal with American label for the "Non-existence" worldwide release. We'll keep you posted about all details.

We do not forget about our concert activity also. We will perform at the first festival organized by a rock bar "Stoker" which will take place on March, 27th 2009 in "Arctica" club (St.Petersburg).

    Band list:
  • Kivimetsan Druidi (fin)
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Stalwart
  • Black Astrology
  • Bestial Deform
  • Trelleborg
  • VagranD
  • Silverflame

Competitions, prizes and gifts from a bar "Stoker", exclusive clothes, BDSM fetish, merchandise from a studio "Indigo" will be available also.

Presale - 350 rub./Entrance - 400 rub.
If you buy ticket in a bar "Stoker" you get free beer.

Doors open at 16:00


"Stoker" club
Pushkarskaya str., 6
M. "Sportivnaya". St.Petersburg.

"Arctica" club
Beringa str., 38.
M "Primorskaya". St.Petersburg