PSILOCYBE-LARVAE : Manic-Depressive band from Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

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New interview

added: 13.01.2022

Check out our frontman Vitaly interview in the latest issue of one of the oldest underground print media in Russia OR fanzine (in Russian and English)!

You can order this issue for € 3. E-mail us:


added: 12.01.2022

Check out recent interviews with our guitarist and vocalist Vitaly Belobritsky for Metal Titans webzine (Canada), The Cosmick View webzine (USA) and Pete’s Rock News And Views webzine (UK) and Лига метал-музыки (RU)!

New album release online concert

added: 18.12.2021

Filmed on December 17 at the Tsarskoselsky Youth Centre in St.Petersburg


added: 15.12.2021

We are thrilled to announce that "Where Silence Dwells" is out today on CD via RedRivetRecords and Fono Ltd, as well cassettes as self-release. Vinyl is expected out in mid-February 2022.



Second single "Inner Darkness"

added: 18.11.2021

Hello friends! We are very happy to present you the new music video for the track Inner Darkness from our upcoming studio album "Where Silence Dwells".
This is the author's work of the wonderful animator Darya Korneeva, who clearly expressed all the emotionality of our song, turning it into a real masterpiece! We hope that the video will not leave anyone indifferent!
Write comments, like, share the news with your friends. Your support means a lot to us!

First single "Run To Nowhere"

added: 26.10.2021

Please welcome the first video for the song Run To Nowhere from our upcoming release Where Silence Dwells! This is a kind of excursion into history, which shows how the album recording took place. For those who would like to dive into the process from inside.
DIY in action.
The album will be released on CD format via FONO Ltd (Russia) and Red Rivet Records (Japan), as well as a cassette version (as self-release) on December 15th. The digital release will be available on December 10th. Vinyl is expected out in mid-February 2022.
Pre-save (Spotify, Apple Music):
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New album's title, cover art and tracklist

added: 07.10.2021

Hi there!
We’d like to break the silence surrounding the new record and reveal the title, cover art and tracklist!
The album entitled “Where Silence Dwells” includes 10 tracks and represents our vision of how melodic death/doom metal might sound today.
The artwork is based on the work of the excellent Spanish photographer Paco Garzón, whose black-and-white images perfectly capture the mood and atmosphere of the album in a masterful way.
The recording process took place in different studios in St. Petersburg under the guidance of Den Lukyanov, the mixing was done by an old band’s friend Dmitry Vasiliev in Moscow and the mastering was handled by a renowned engineer Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering.

The album features guest musicians:
Alexey Lexx (Zero Cold, ex- Vergeltung) – samples, Anastasia Skvortsova (Nebulae Come Sweet) – cello, Mariya Lebedeva (Troll Bends Fir) – viola, Alexey Kurasov (Theodor Bastard) – percussion.

The album is expected out before the end of the year. More info is going to be dropped in the next weeks. Stay tuned!
Digital album is up for pre-order on Bandcamp now


  • 1. The flame of dying life
  • 2. Run to nowhere
  • 3. Ghost in the room
  • 4. Inner darkness
  • 5. Dead dreams
  • 6. Sorvali cemetery
  • 7. Silent sphinx
  • 8. The fall of icarus
  • 9. Encounter with nothingness
  • 10. Where silence dwells

Hello friends!

added: 14.06.2021

We extremely apologize for not updating the site in such a long time

Many things have happened since the last post. We parted ways with drummer Alan and guitarist Roman. Left alone, Alex and I continued recording a new album. It hasn't been easy. We have long prepared, experimented with sound, changed studios, overdubbed parts and invited session musicians. During recording the vocals, I even lost my voice and had to see a doctor. However, despite all the twists and turns, bad rock, bad weather and fucking pandemic we did it and we can confidently say that the album is ready and it sounds pretty damn cool!

We would also like to announce new band members! Let's welcome them! So: our good old friend Alex Yakovlev (ex-Misanthrope Count Merciful, ex-Truth That Kills) is on the drums, the guitar - our no less old and good friend Anton Veresov (ex-Buicide, ex-Northern Gates).

We started recording our new album

added: 11.07.2019

Alan officially blesses the start of our new album recording

Upcoming gigs

added: 01.12.2018

PSILOCYBE LARVAE and DOMINIA with two exclusive shows 16.12.2018 MOD club, St.Petersburg (RU)

Doors: 19:00


New video for the "Hostile Emptiness" song

added: 29.10.2019

"Hostile Emptiness" has always been special for us and often appears in our setlist.
The theme of Chernobyl, shown in this video, suddenly turned out to be fit with the mood of the song, which gave it an even deeper and more tragic meaning. Looking at this footage never once leaves the state of alarm, despair, hopelessness and desolation. The place where life once was, the place which will now always be empty and hostile to people.

Visual by Ilya "Alan" Piyaev and Pavel Makushev

New interview

added: 24.08.2018

Check out the new No Clean Singing's interview with our vocalist/guitarist Vit Belobritsky.

Upcoming shows

added: 24.08.2018

07.09.2018 - 08.09.2018
Meltdown Open-Air Festival 2018
Nordring, 24850 Schuby (GERMANY)


  • Metal Witch
  • Endseeker
  • Night Laser
  • Torian
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Incarceration
  • Rayder
  • Obskura
  • Slow Kill System
  • Rampage
  • Verheerer
  • Vladimir Harkonnen
  • Insulter
  • Hailstone
  • Deadflesh
  • Extinct
  • Nordic Raid
  • Powerhead


Upcoming shows

added: 23.08.2018

03.08.2018 - 04.08.2018
Metalshow Open-Air Festival 2018
Jekabpils (LV)


  • Skyforger
  • Septicflesh
  • Betraying The Martyrs
  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Frailty
  • Preternatural
  • Trendkill Method
  • Catalepsia
  • Horror Dance Squad
  • New Disorder
  • Sever
  • Egosystema
  • Morphium
  • Māra
  • Ocean Districts


New single “The Fall Of Icarus” out!

added: 13.08.2018

Hi there!
We are happy to inform you that our new single “The Fall Of Icarus” out on July 3d, 2018. It's available on all digital platforms.



  • Recorded by Den Devichensky & Den Lukyanov at Buzzylick and Voshod Studios
  • Mixed by Dmitry Vasiliev
  • Mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering
  • Cover artwork by Maria Nemm
  • Visual by Jēkabs Vilkārsis


added: 08.10.2017

Hello friends!
It’s time to share our concert plans for this autumn.
We will team up with our fellows from Belarus Woe Unto Me and Nebulae Come Sweet, as well as Latvians FRAILTY, for THE FALL OF AFFLICTION TOUR 2017, which will include countries like Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Russia and Belarus.

Tour dates

19.10 – Warsaw (POL)
20.10 – Gdansk (POL)
21.10 – Kaliningrad (RUS)
Detroit 39
22.10 – Vilnius (LTU)
28.10 – Turku (FIN)
29.10 – Vantaa (FIN)
Bar Rock Bear
30.10 – Helsinki (FIN)
Elmu Baari
31.10 – St.Petersburg (RUS)
02.11 – Moscow (RUS)
Model T
03.11 – Vitebsk (BLR)

We would really love to see you out there on the road! Please spread the word and stop by!

METALург open-air

added: 13.07.2017

Gonna rock the North in the beginning of this fall! We are confirmed for the Metalurg Open Air 2017. It is set to take place September,2 in Olenegorsk, Murmansk region. See you there!

  • Psilocybe Larvae
  • Master(rus)
  • Ashen Light
  • Изморозь
  • Deva Obida
  • Нереида
  • Town Tundra

Doors: 2 pm
Price: 500 rub.
Fb event

Upcoming gig

added: 28.04.2017

30.04.2017 Gorky Pub, St.Petersburg (Russia)

Start: 20:30

Tickets : 400/500 rub.

Addres: Malaya Posadskaya str., 3a

VK event: